We are looking for experienced sellers to join our team.

How It Works.

The way in which this works is that once you are an approved reseller you simply post our products, whether that be on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or anywhere you like with your affiliate link to that product or our site, and if a customer clicks that link and purchases from our site you get attributed with the sale and earn a commission.

Our website stores a “cookie” on your customer’s device for 60 days which means that if a customer clicks your link to our site and purchases anywhere up to 60 days later you still get credited with the sale. 

What Next?

Once you have signed up and registered your account and it has been approved you will then be given access to your affiliate account, from here you can get the affiliate links that you are able to post anywhere on the internet. You can promote our website homepage or any individual page or product via your affiliate link.

How Much Can I Earn?

Our commission rate is 20% meaning that you will earn 20% of the total amount of each sale you bring through your affiliate links. We cannot put a monthly figure on the amount you can earn as it’s completely down to you how hard you push the products or if you have an existing customer base to promote to. Below is an example of potential earnings.

You sell one of our Personalised Wooden Boxes for £32.99 to one of your customers. You earn £6.59 in commissions from that one sale. Let’s say you manage to sell 100x of these a month (which is about 3 a day) through your hard work and determination, you would earn £659 in commission.

Now obviously this depends on how efficient you are at selling and how hard you promote the items but this is entirely possible.

Why Join?

Here are a few great reasons to join the Making Memories Reseller Program?

Sell Amazing Products

When you become a reseller for Making Memories you will be given access to our full range of amazing products. Each one of our products are made to order by us here at Making Memories. You are free to promote everything we sell and you will earn 20% commission on every sale you make. 

All images provided to you.

You will not have to create your own images, you can simply use ours. You can get these direct from our website or if you would prefer we can send them to you in a file to put on your computer or phone. 

Work Your Own Hours

The beauty of becoming a Making Memories Reseller is that you can work as much or as little as you choose, there is no pressure to sell our products and there is no targets to meet. If you want to treat this as a full-time job you can or if you just want to sell our products to make a bit extra each month that’s fine by us. 

Get Paid Weekly

After you make a sale the commission from your sale with be shown in your own affiliate area when you log into Making Memories. We do weekly payouts so you don’t have to wait until the end of the month until you can collect your earnings. 

Full Reporting System

Once you login into your affiliate control panel you can view all your earnings along with reports as to where the sales have come from.

How Do I Sign Up?

Unfortunately, we do not just open up our reseller program to anyone, we would like experienced sellers to sign up. If you have a track record of selling online or have an audience who would match our customer base then you can simply fill out the form below and send it off to us. Please provide as much detail as possible when applying as we review each applicant.